Convert OST to PST file on Windows 7

  • The highly-suited utility to convert the Outlook offline files to PST data files
  • Helps in fixing erroneous or corrupt PST files as well
  • Supports even password protected Outlook data files
  • Comaptible to run on Windows 7 and all other editions till Windows 10



Outlook is inbuilt software in Windows Operating System, developed by Microsoft. It is considered as an email application since it contains most of the features of email. OST (Offline Storage Table) is one of the types of file in Outlook. As a name specifies, all the work done is done offline i.e. work is done without the internet connection like writing mails, contacts, reminders etc, will be stored in the OST file. Many users work to prefer offline due to low network connectivity. As soon as the internet gets connected, the work you have saved gets delievered. PST (Personal Storage Table) is used to store all the work of Outlook i.e. used to store copies of messages, mails, events and other items and the files of PST will be stored in an extension of .pst.

OST file can be used as a backup file for PST, if PST file gets damaged or lost. Due to some circumstances, even OST files can also get corrupted. If any corruption occurs in OST file, then all stored data during offline will be lost which leads to severe damage to Outlook. To repair OST file, you need to convert OST to PST file. Want to know how to convert and which is the best software to convert OST to PST files Windows 7? The answer is here. Using Convert OST to PST Windows 7 tool, you can easily recover corrupted OST file. This advanced software also allows you to convert OST to PST Outlook 2013 in an effective way.

Scenarios for the corruption of OST file

  • Due to bad sectors: If your Outlook OST file is stored in such a place where the bad sectors reside, then there is a chances for the corruption of OST file that leads to corruption of OST file.
  • Compressing OST file: Users go for the compression option to save the storage space. A large OST file can be compressed to a small size to save space. If any interruptions occur during compression of OST file, then corruption might takes place. To know more information about corrupted OST files, check this link
  • Abrupt termination of Outlook: If the Outlook is not terminated properly, without saving any changes to OST file, then there is a possibility of corruption of OST file.

The common errors of OST file which will be displayed when you try to open damaged OST file are:

  1. 1. Cannot open your default email folders. The file “xxxx.ost” is not an offline folder file.
  2. 2. Unable to expand the folder. The set of folders could not been opened. Errors could have been detected in the file xxxx.ost. Quit all mail-enabled applications and then use the Inbox Repair tool.
  3. 3. Task “Microsoft Exchange Server” reported error (0x00040820):”Errors in background synchronization. In most cases, further information is available in a synchronization log in the Deleted Items folder.”
  4. 4. OST file cannot be accessed in Outlook.

If you have come across these errors, then it is sure that your OST file has been corrupted. By making use of this finest software to convert OST to PST files Windows 7, you can get a perfect answer for how to convert OST to PST file on Windows 7 is ended.

Features of the Convert OST to PST Windows 7

  • It’s a well efficient tool to repair OST file and also to convert it to PST file.
  • Inbuilt algorithm with advanced features that helps to repair the OST files quickly.
  • It also facilitates you to convert OST to PST file on Windows XP systems.
  • You can easily convert the OST file to PST file with just few clicks and user need not to have any technical knowledge to use Convert OST to PST Windows 7 tool as it is a excellent software to convert OST to PST files Windows 7.
  • Convert OST to PST Windows 7 tool is a read-only format; i.e. it reads from the original file during scanning process and converts it to new PST file without causing any error to the original file.
  • It also helps to convert password protected OST files. To know more in detail about conversion, visit here
  • It also recovers other items in Outlook such as emails, contacts, Journal, calendar, reminder etc.
  • It supports all the versions of Microsoft Outlook such as Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016..

Note: Outlook OST file turns or becomes orphaned due to various reasons like a controller malfunction, loss of encryption key from mailbox and MAPI, hard drive failure at the exchange server, changing domain settings in Outlook or MAPI, etc. Once OST file turns into orphaned, then it becomes unusable, and you may lose data from it. But, by utilizing this amazing Convert OST to PST software, you can even convert an orphaned OST to PST file, and recover all folders from it. To know more about how to convert orphaned OST file to Outlook PST file, visit:

Procedure to know how to convert an OST to PST file on Windows 7

Step i: Download and install the Convert OST to PST application on Windows 7 PC. A window appears providing with two options “Find OST File” and “Open OST File”.If you know the location of OST file, then choose for “Open OST File”. In case if you don’t know the options then go for “Find OST File”.

Convert OST to PST Windows 7 - Main Window

Figure 1 : Welcome Window


Step ii: A new screen appears which helps you to find the OST file, click on the “Browse” option. A list of OST files will be displayed. Select “Next” button.

Convert OST to PST Windows 7 - Choose File

Figure 2 : Select OST File

Step iii: After clicking on Next button, a window appears. Browse and select the location where you want to store the converted OST file.

Convert OST to PST Windows 7 - Destination Path Selection

Figure 3 : Select Destination

Step iv: After the completion of conversion, click on finish button which indicates that the OST file has been converted to PST file.

Convert OST to PST Windows 7- Final Screen

Figure 4 : Finish Window