How to Repair Outlook 2003 OST File?

  • An incredible solution to fix issues with MS Outlook 2003 OST files
  • Capable to repair even Outlook PST data files
  • Supports all other editions of Microsoft Outlook
  • It can also resolve issues with an encrypted file


When you access Microsoft Outlook everything like calendar, email messages, tasks and other items get stored on computer, email server or both. These Outlook items such as inbox, sent items and other file get stored in the Outlook data file such as .pst or .ost. OST and PST are the two Outlook Data files which are used by MS Outlook to store its data. An OST (Offline Storage Table) file is offline Outlook Data file used by the Microsoft Exchange Server that allows users to work with their mails data and messages even when the access to the mail server is not available.

It fetches the necessary data like inbox messages, contacts, calendars and others attributes whenever the system is online and stores them in Microsoft Exchange Server which is nothing but your PC itself. If OST file configuration is required for the user then

he has to manually configure it. This OST file which provides data in the absence of the internet will act as cached exchange mode for the Outlook users. But, at times due to different reasons, the Outlook 2003 OST file may get corrupt or damage. Now, don’t worry by thinking about how to repair Outlook 2003 OST file Data because you can perform Outlook 2003 OST file repair process using the Outlook PST Repair Software.  

Reasons for OST file corruption or damage:

Before knowing how to perform Outlook 2003 repair OST file process, first let us know about a few common factors which may lead to corruption or damage of your Outlook 2003 OST file:

  • Corruption of the Exchange database.
  • Change in name of email mailbox or the server.
  • Corruption in local copy of Outlook OST file.
  • Improper or incomplete synchronization process.
  • Terminating the Outlook abruptly while Outlook is still in use.
  • OST file size exceeds the maximum limit. The maximum Size limit of .OST and .PST is 2GB for Outlook 2002 and earlier.


Sometimes you may come across with some error messages when synchronization of OST file is done; it is done to sync with Exchange server. When any errors occur while synchronization then OST file will get corrupted. In such situations, the ScanOST.exe can be used which is an integrity check tool provided by MS outlook to repair and diagnose the errors in the OST file. Scan OST tool is an inbuilt tool provided by MS Outlook which performs restoration and basic scanning of the OST file. It will scan the data and compares the location of both the OST file and Exchange Server mailbox. If any mismatch is found then it will fix them without changing the mailbox of your Exchange server. But at times, if this tool fails to fulfill your expectation then you can repair Outlook 2003 OST file using the Outlook Repair Software. This advanced software also helps you to repair an oversized PST file in an effective way.

Scan OST file location for Outlook 2003 in a Windows operating system:

32-bit WindowsC:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\<locale ID>\scanost.exe
64-bit WindowsC:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\<localeID>\scanost.exe

Repair Outlook 2003 OST file:

Losing data due to the corruption, can be disastrous. Any kind of damage or corruption to your Outlook OST file will lead to inaccessibility. And even can do a great loss to your valuable emails. To solve such sort of issues which can bring back your data back is by using the tool which can repair the OST file itself. Outlook Repair Software is one such tool which can easily get back the data without any data loss. It repairs inaccessible or corrupt or damaged OST file. This tool converts the damaged or corrupt OST file into fine and working PST file. You can successfully perform OST file repair Outlook 2003 process with the help of this software. It also provides you an easy way to convert OST to PST on Outlook 2007 due to various reasons such as- virus infection, power failure, improper shutdown, the problem in your system hardware etc.

The tool can recover all kinds of attribute such as calendars, emails, appointments etc. by which after conversion it retains the same old structure of the Outlook attributes. It is an advanced tool which can also be used to repair corrupt OST file Outlook 2010. It can convert any damaged OST file into healthy PST file format. It can also convert password protected and encrypted OST files. Apart from supporting Outlook 2003 OST file repair process, this software also helps you to repair OST file on other Outlook versions such as- 2002, 2010, 2013, 2016 etc. This software is also one of the best software to convert OST to PST file on Windows XP, Windows10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems. As the different versions of Outlook supports different PST size limit. So, you might be thinking is it possible to repair a large i.e., up to 20 GB of PST file? Don't worry! With the help of the Repair PST software, the user can repair 20 GB PST file within a few minutes. This software can also repair password protected PST file.


Steps to Repair Outlook 2003 OST File-

Step 1: Download and install the software on your system. From the main screen, choose any one of the three options for repairing Outlook 2003 OST file.

How to Repair Outlook 2003 OST File? - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Select the scanning method as a Normal scan (recommended) or Smart scan and the destination folder for a new repaired healthy OST file.

How to Repair Outlook 2003 OST File? - File selection screenshot

Figure 2: Select Scanning Technique

Step 3: Preview the repaired OST file in the style browser after scanning. If you are completely satisfied with the repaired results, you can purchase the software.

How to Repair Outlook 2003 OST File? - Preview Screen

Figure 3: Preview Repaired OST File