How to Repair 20 GB PST File?

The simplest solution to fix Outlook PST data files that are over 20GB size
  • Instantly fixes an oversized PST files and avails them for a preview
  • Can be implemented by any version of Microsoft Outlook
  • It is a read-only application that will not alter nay part of the original PST file


Microsoft Outlook is the personal information manager from Microsoft. It is often used as an email application which includes calendar, task manager, contact manager, notes maker and manage journal entries and all these attributes are stored in personal storage table (PST). The latest version of Microsoft Outlook is Outlook 2013. It can be used as a stand-alone application or it can be worked for multiple users in an organization. Every Outlook has a maximum size limit, if it exceeds the limit then the PST file gets corrupt and you may encounter with different errors like xxxx.pst cannot be accessed -0x80040116, reported error 0x00040820 and many more. Outlook also uses OST files to store its data offline. If you are OST file user and is corrupted due to some reasons then you need to convert it to PST then you can repair it by using efficient software. Click here, to know more information about how to convert an OST to PST.

You must have stored most of your personal details on Microsoft Outlook from past several years. It might consist of personal mails, business mails, contacts and so on. You wouldn't have checked the size of the PST file which would have crossed 20 GB. Due to your carelessness, PST file gets corrupted and all your mails will be lost. Later, you start searching as per your friend's suggestion for the software to repair 20 GB PST file but any of the software doesn't satisfy your desires. You don't have to worry!! Here is the better solution for your problem. You can use the Repair PST Software, which helps you to know how to repair 20 GB PST file and along with 20 GB PST file repair, it also repair damaged Outlook OST file.

There are many other scenarios which might result in a PST file corruption:

  • Improper Shutdown of the PC: While accessing PST file, if the Outlook application shutdowns improperly due to a sudden power failure then It may results in PST file corruption.

  • Virus Infection: Generally, the viruses come from the internet or by infected flash drives when connected to the PC. When there is a virus attack on the system, all the files that are stored on the system gets corrupt including PST file and becomes inaccessible.

  • File System Corruption: File systems are responsible for managing the files including PST files that are stored on the system. If the file system gets corrupted due to OS up-gradation, then it will result in a corrupt PST file.

  • Upgradation of Microsoft Outlook: Usually, it is very common to upgrade the Microsoft Outlook from an older version to a newer version. If there is any interruption while upgrading the Microsoft Outlook, then there are chances of PST file getting corrupted.

  • Other Scenarios: There are many other scenarios where PST file get corrupt such as bad sectors on the hard drive, a system malfunction and many more.  

To overcome from all these above scenarios, the only software to repair corrupted PST file is Repair PST software. This repair software has advanced feature for repairing 20 GB PST files. Using this effective application, you can even repir 10GB PST file created on Outlook 2007 and 2010. For more details about how to repair corrupted or damaged 10GB PST file, visit:

Outstanding Features of Repair PST software:

Repair PST is an ideal software, which has been recommended by the experts to repair 20 GB PST file. It also has an ability to repair 20 GB PST file, which has not been repaired by inbox repair tool. This software can also repair password-protected PST file. It has a strong algorithm for repairing 20 GB PST file, which helps even non-technical users to operate with utmost ease. This advanced application is also useful to repair broken PST file along with 20 GB PST file repair. It has simple GUI that guides you how to repair 20 GB PST file in short span of time. It also recovers lost or deleted emails, notes contacts etc. and provides two option to repair 20 GB PST file based on the condition of PST file corruption.

Are you searching for a tool to repair outlook 2013 PST file? If yes, pause for a while, since Repair PST tool will be an ideal option for fixing these kinds of issues. Damaged Outlook 2013 PST files of more than 20 GB size can be effectively repaired using this tool.


Steps on how to repair 20 GB PST file:

1: Download and install the software on your system. Select the 20 GB PST file using one of the options from the three displayed in the main window, which repairs 20 GB PST file, as shown in Fig 1.

Repair 20 GB PST File - Main Window

Fig 1: Main Window

Step 2: Select a scanning method as Normal scan (recommended) or Smart scan and the destination folder to store repaired healthy PST file.

Repair 20 GB PST File - Select Scanning Technique

Fig 2: Select Scanning Technique

Step 3: Preview the repaired PST file in the style browser view after scanning and save it on any desired location.

Repair 20 GB PST File - Preview Screen

Figure 3: Preview Repaired PST File