Corrupt Microsoft Outlook OST to PST file conversion

  • A well-featured tool that converts offline Outlook OST files to PST files
  • Can be utilized by any edition of MS Outlook
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Presents a preview of the repaired files

First of all, you should know what is OST and PST?

Microsoft Outlook is the most widely used messaging and organizational application, which comes with MS Office Suite that offers several unique features to improve its capabilities, usability and functionality for the purpose of communication. MS Outlook is specifically designed to meet the requirements of people in business as well as a personal environment for communication. Outlook has three different options for storing Outlook files i.e. Exchange server mailbox, PST file and OST file. PST (Personal Storage File) files are able to store all emails, contacts, tasks, notes etc. You can even encrypt your PST file using passwords for a greater security. Whenever Outlook synchronizes with the Exchange Server complete offline data gets reflected in Outlook. Therefore, the sending-receiving process is continuous and you can perform your work without any hindrance.


Why do you need to convert OST to PST?

Sometimes, you may face synchronization difficulties while using OST file to store Outlook data. In few cases, you may unable to access OST files. The situation can be overcome with the help of a relevant OST to PST conversion software.

The most common synchronization error message, which you can see is:

“Problem occurred while doing OST sync operation”.

To surmount this error, first, make sure that there has been no profile editing in a client’s system. If any changes are done, then you must to make sure that the mailbox is healthy. The corrupted emails must be deleted and then you should synchronize the OST mailbox when the proper internet connection to Exchange server is available

One more error which you could witness is:

A problem occurred while doing OST sync operation for user 'username'”

This error message describes the failed synchronization error, which can occur if you have made some changes in your profile or the server name. There can also be a problem in linking with a mailbox containing one or more damaged mail and local area network access is unavailable to the client system.

To circumvent above-mentioned scenarios remove all the unnecessary items from your Exchange server based email folder which is set to be synchronized with the OST file. Always shift your files from a synchronized folder to any non-synchronized folder on Microsoft Exchange Server. This is because, if you synchronize the files from non-synchronized folder to the synchronized folder then you may end up in losing valuable Outlook data. If the OST file is damaged and cannot be converted into PST, then make use of a reliable third-party software to Convert OST to PST File. Visit: to convert OST to PST file on a Windows XP system.

Convert OST to PST software is basically designed to convert your unusable OST file into a usable Outlook PST file, using advanced algorithms. Such application does not demand any prior technical skills as they come equipped with interactive and easy graphical user interface. This tool efficiently converts your inaccessible OST file into an Outlook compatible PST file. This tool supports Microsoft Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000. The software converts all OST files to PST items, such as emails, notes, contacts, attachments, task, calendar settings, etc. It can restore entire inaccessible OST data by converting them into PST files. These files can be easily accessed with MS Outlook for all kinds of user needs. OST to PST converter is an ideal solution which works in offline email crisis. This advanced OST to PST converter software can also convert OST file to PST file on Outlook 2007.

Follow the steps given below to convert OST to PST:

Step 1: - Download and install the Convert OST to PST software and launch it by clicking the desktop icon. As soon as it gets launched, you will see a pop-up of the main window which will ask you to select any one option among the two – “Open OST file and Find OST file. If you are not sure about the location of the file then click on Find OST file option as shown in Figure 1.

NOTE: All the steps mentioned here are related to Find OST file option.

OST to PST file conversion - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window


Step 2: Once you click on Find OST file option, a new window will appear where you need to click on the "Find" button in order to search your OST file. Once your OST file gets uploaded from its desired location, click on "Next" button in order to maintain the follow of this procedure as shown in Figure 2.

OST to PST file conversion - File selection screen shot

Figure 2: Find OST file location

Step 3: Immediately after clicking on Next button, again a new window will pop-up which will ask you to select a path for storing converted OST file. For this purpose, you have to click on the “Browse” button. Once you are done with it, you need to click on “Convert” button for starting the conversion process as shown in Figure 3.

OST to PST file conversion - Path for storing converted OST file screen shot

Figure 3 : Select the destination path for saving converted OST file

Step 4: After your OST file gets converted, you need to click on the “Finish” button in order to end the conversion process as shown in Figure 4.

OST to PST file conversion - Final screen shot

Figure 4: Finish Window