How to Fix Outlook 2010 Indexing Issues?

  • A spectacular tool that resolves indexing issues with Outlook emails
  • Suitable to use with any edition of MS Outlook including MS Outlook 2010
  • Helps in repairing corruption and related issues with PST files
  • Avails a preview option to view the fixed file



Outlook 2010 is the latest MS Outlook versions which have come up with additional features and attributes including emails, calendar items, RSS feeds, journals, notes, folders, tasks and more as its PST file has a size limit of 50 GB. But sometimes, when you try to access Outlook 2010 data, you may encounter with a different type of error messages like “items not found”, “Outlook instant search not working”, etc. Normally this kind of errors directs to Outlook indexing issues. So, in such situations you may get anxious and start Googling “is it possible to fix indexing problem in Outlook 2010, how to fix Outlook 2010 indexing issues, the best utility for Outlook 2010 indexing fix,” etc.

Don’t panic as you can easily resolve this problem or know how to fix Outlook 2010 indexing issues by utilizing Outlook built-in tool called the scanpst.exe. But unfortunately, if you are unsuccessful in fixing Outlook 2010 indexing issues using the scanpst.exe tool, then you have to get assistance from a third party utility called the Outlook Repair Software. It is the most advanced and highly reliable application for fixing indexing problem Outlook 2010. The major reason for Outlook indexing issues is broken or corrupted PST file, but using this prominent tool, you can even fix or repair broken PST file with utmost ease.

Common causes for an Outlook 2010 indexing issues

  • You may face Outlook indexing issues or error messages if Outlook 2010 PST file is not indexed completely.
  • Sometimes, when you try to open a large email attachment files, then there is a possibility that you might encounter with Outlook indexing issues.
  • If your Windows computer is severely affected by deadly viruses, then the files stored on it becomes unresponsive including Outlook 2010 PST file, and as a result of this, Outlook indexing issue or errors may be displayed.
  • Even though Outlook 2010 has large-sized PST file linked to it, but still there is a chance that the size of PST file may get exceeded and you may face the errors mentioned above. To know how to fix oversized PST file, visit:
  • Incompatibility might be the other major reason for Outlook 2010 indexing issues i.e., when you try to link older version of PST file with Outlook 2010 or vice versa, then PST file may get damaged and you may encounter with different errors.

Abrupt termination of Outlook app, power surge, error while during upgrade, sharing PST file over the local network, PST file header corruption, etc., are the other reasons that results in corrupt PST file due to which you may get indexing issues while accessing Outlook 2010 data. Anyhow, by using Outlook Repair utility, you can easily come to know how to fix Outlook 2010 indexing issues in an effective way.

Salient features of the Outlook Repair Software

Outlook Repair is an efficient and most recommended application by the industry expert to fix indexing problem in Outlook 2010. It has quick, secure and simple repair process that effectively fix any issues related to your Outlook PST file. Outlook 2010 indexing fix can be done on different versions of Windows-based computers using this proficient tool. It supports all versions of Outlook apps including Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 and 2000. It has the ability to repair any size of PST file, even it can be used to repair highly encrypted PST file. It is far better than the built-in Outlook tool to repair a severely damaged PST file. This tool is also capable to fix Outlook.pst is not a personal folders file error. To know more about how to fix this error, simply click on this link: Along with Outlook 2010 indexing fix, it can even restore lost or deleted emails, RSS feeds, contacts, etc. Once done with fixing Outlook 2010 indexing issues, you can preview repaired and recovered data before restoration.


Follow the steps to know how to fix Outlook 2010 indexing issues:

1: Download and install the software on your system. Then launch the software and select corrupt PST file using one of the options from the three displayed in the main window as shown in Fig 1.

How to Fix Outlook 2010 Indexing Issues? - Main Window

Fig 1: Main Window

Step 2: Select the scanning method as a Normal scan (recommended) or Smart scan and the destination folder to store repaired healthy PST file.

How to Fix Outlook 2010 Indexing Issues? - Select Scanning Technique

Fig 2: Select Scanning Technique

Step 3: Preview the repaired PST file in the style browser view after scanning, and save it on any desired location.

How to Fix Outlook 2010 Indexing Issues? - Preview Screen

Figure 3: Preview Repaired PST File