Best Tool for Converting an OST File to PST in Outlook 2013

  • A robust tool to convert Outlook OST to PST data files
  • Suitable to work with MS Outlook 2013 and all other existing editions
  • Securely scans and converts offline files to PST files
  • Efficiently fixes and corruptions or errors with Outlook mailbox



“I was using MS Outlook 2013 program on the company laptop till leaving the company last week. Before giving the laptop back, I deleted my Microsoft Exchange account and took the OST file with me. Then I moved that OST file into my personal computer for restoring emails and contacts within that OST file. But I couldn’t restore my personal data from that OST file as it exhibits only some unknown errors. Yesterday, a friend of mine told me that converting OST file to PST in Outlook 2013 can resolve this issue. I don’t know how to do this. Can anyone tell me how to convert OST to PST in Outlook 2013?”

The mistake you did is that you have deleted the account before ensuring the OST file is safely copied. What actually happened is that while copying your OST file from the system, it got corrupted as it was interrupted. To overcome this scenario you have to understand how to change OST to PST in Outlook 2013 in an effective manner. You can make use of Convert OST to PST software to convert of OST to PST in Outlook 2013. This software can be used in various situations which are described below.

  • Microsoft Exchange Server can get crashed or freezes due to various reasons such as a sudden power surge, a severe virus attack, etc. Such a Server crash can result in the corruption of Outlook 2013 OST file. You need to convert OST file into a PST file before proceeding further.
  • If you want to use your Outlook data on any other computer, it is desirable to convert OST file from the previous computer into a PST file.
  • Sometimes OST file in Outlook 2013 can get corrupted during its synchronization with Exchange Server. You need to convert this file into a PST file to avoid these types of errors.
  • If you delete the Microsoft Exchange Server account which creates the OST file, then it can corrupt the OST file.
  • The corruption that occurs to Windows Registry databases can also damage an OST file.

Features of Convert OST to PST Tool

  • This software simply explains how to convert OST to PST in Outlook 2013 through its self-explanatory GUI (Graphical User Interface) and with a three-step conversion process.
  • You can receive all the emails, calendar items, RSS feeds, tasks, etc. from the OST file into PST.
  • Using this software, you can effortlessly perform conversion of a password protected OST file into a PST file.
  • If you are unaware of the location of OST file on your computer, you can search it using this software.
  • This tool supports the OST files created on Microsoft Exchange Server versions such as 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000, 5.0 and 5.5.
  • Using Convert OST to PST Outlook Software 2016, you can easily convert Outlook 2016 OST to PST file within a few mouse clicks.
  • It provides technical assistance to every user 24 X 7 on all days of the year.
  • You can use this software for converting Outlook OST file to PST on Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows XP, and so on.
  • This tool is completely free from malicious programs such as viruses or worms

Steps Needed to Convert OST to PST in Outlook 2013

Step 1: - Download and Install the Convert OST to PST software on your desktop or laptop computer. You can see two options from the home screen of the software namely "Open OST file" and "Find OST file" as shown in Figure 1. If you know the location of OST file on your computer, select the first option or else select second.

How to Convert OST to PST in Outlook 2013 - Home Screen

Figure 1: Home Screen


Step 2: If you select  "Find OST File" option, a new screen will appear from where you can search for the OST file using the "Find" button. Once you found your OST file, click on "Next" button to proceed to the next screen as shown in Figure 2.

How to Convert OST to PST in Outlook 2013 - Find OST File

Figure 2: Find OST File


Step 3: In the next screen you can specify the location of the converted file. Once you select this, you can click on the "Convert" button as shown in Figure 3.

How to Convert OST to PST in Outlook 2013 - Path of Converted Files

Figure 3: Path of Converted Files

Step 4: After conversion, you can click on the "Finish" button to wind up the process as shown in Figure 4.

How to Convert OST to PST in Outlook 2013- Final screenshot

Figure 4: Final Stage